5295 Hwy 76 Pendleton, SC 29670 US

family owned for over 50 years!

How Clemson Bodyshop Came To Be


Clemson Bodyshop is a family owned business owned by Rick Kelley, who is known for many magazine articles and photo shoots of custom painting and body work. Magazines such as CarCraft, VW Trends, Easy Rider, V-Twin, and Hot Boat Magazine... Just a few of his accomplishments! Rick is now mentoring one of his daughters, Ainsley Kelley, who is also known as having many of Rick's creative and artistic abilities.

In The Beginning...

Starting out, getting the credentials and certifications needed in all types of automotive repairs, Rick started one of the largest body shops in South Carolina, known as Super Shop. In 2001, Rick purchased Clemson Bodyshop from former owner, Calvin Brock, who had been established since the early 1950's. Which then made Super Shop / Clemson Bodyshop, the two largest body repair facilities in South Carolina.


We have a proud history of excellent work and customer service. We have remained loyal in serving our community and, in return, have been recognized through the years by the upstate and local business organizations.